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Executive Summary: New Health Insurance Solutions for Individuals, Families, Self-Employed, and Businesses


Part I
How to Better Protect Your Family While Saving $5,000+ Each Year:
Savvy and Affordable New Health Insurance Strategies

Chapter 1: You Are One Serious Illness Away From Bankruptcy:The Huge Gaps in Your Employer's Health Insurance Plan

Chapter 2: Why Buying Your Own Health Insurance Is Better, Cheaper, and Safer Than Your Company Plan

Chapter 3: Your Legal Rights to Health Insurance When You Lose Your Job or Change Jobs: ERISA, COBRA, and HIPAA

Chapter 4: How to Buy Your Own Low-Cost, High-Quality Health Insurance Policy

Chapter 5: The Best Options for Employees with a Good Company Plan: High Deductibles, Disability, Cafeteria Plans, FSAs, and HRAs

Chapter 6: Health Savings Accounts: Why You Should Fully Fund Your HSA Before Putting Even $1 in Your IRA or 401(k)… and How to Build a +$500,000 HSA Nest Egg

Chapter 7: What to Do If You or a Family Member Have a Major Health Problem

Chapter 8: How to Get Affordable Medical Care When You Are Over 55: Early Retirement, Medicare, and Long-Term Care

Chapter 9: How to Save 10 to 75 Percent on Your Prescription Drugs

Chapter 10: How to be a Smart Healthcare Shopper, Stay Healthy, and Keep the Savings

Part II
How Businesses Can Fix Their Health Insurance Nightmare
and Still Hire Great Employees

Chapter 11: How Employers Can Save 50 Percent on Health Insurance by Giving Employees Tax-Free Dollars to Buy Their Own: Defined Contribution Health Benefits

Chapter 12: HSA Plans for Employers: Why Every Employer Should Encourage Tax-Free Employee Contributions to HSAs

Chapter 13: HRAs for Employers: How to Use HRAs to Save $2,000 to $6,000 per Employee Each Year While Getting Your Employees Better Health Insurance

Epilogue: The Future of Affordable Health Insurance in America—Who Wins and Who Loses?

Appendix A: State-by-State Guide to Individual/Family Health Insurance Costs

Appendix B: How Americans Get Health Insurance Today…and What about the 45 Million Uninsured?




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New Health Insurance Solutions for individuals, families, self-employeds, and businesses.


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